Anand Natrajan's FAQ Page

Hi! If you are perusing this page because I sent you here, you know what you want, so click away. If you got here in any other way, read on.

I don't claim to be a guru in anything, but time-to-time misguided souls will ask me questions about things at which they perceive me to be an expert. Usually, I end up writing verbose explanations that probably lack the most important details. In order to correct this, and to utilise the principle of re-use, here is a small list of the few things people ask me once in a while. It's my own FAQ-list!

Sadly, the pressures of commerce intrude upon may pages - I am now resorting to pasting cheap ads on my FAQ pages like the one below. These ads are annoying, but they help defray costs - it's unlikely I will be able to retire off them. Click on them occasionally to help me out. Thanks!

If something here interests and/or benefits you, do send me mail. I can't vouch for everything here being true, but you already expected that. In many places, I may be dead wrong and opinionated. Feel free to correct me on either score.

You have been warned!

Anand Natrajan, anand@anandnatrajan•com