Anand's Currency Collection

Thanks for visiting my currency catalogue! I have been collecting casually since about 1985 and seriously since 1995. Technically, my collection is numismatics plus notaphily, but not exonumia. My notes/coins come from exchanges, coin stores, auctions, travels and donations. If you have some notes/coins you'd like to donate to me, no matter what the country or year, I'd be glad to accept them! Mail me at nuts@anandnatrajan•com and we'll figure out a way to get them to me. If you'd like to exchange currency with me, check out my duplicates. The exchange rates, values, costs and worth shown below are in terms of US dollars.

This table is generated automatically from a tab-separated file using a program I wrote, tbl2html. I get my exchange rates from The Full Universal Currency Convertor. Historical currency information is from Historical Exchange Rate Regimes.

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