Anand Natrajan's Tips for Writing

Most of us write more often than we imagine. Whether it's the latest best-seller, a technical paper, email, a grocery list, computer code or random thoughts, writing (or contemporaneously, typing) is integral to our daily lives. Often what we write must be read by others. In such cases, it is imperative that what we write conveys what we mean. Often, what we write doesn't make sense to us later, therefore making it much harder for others to understand what we mean.

I try to write well, often failing. To my credit however, I try. In the following pages, I'll try to share some of my tips with you. Most of these tips are stumbling blocks for me, and it is doing me a world of good just listing them for future use. These may help you too! If something here interests and/or benefits you, or you would like to correct me or add to these pages, do send me mail.

Anand Natrajan, anand@anandnatrajan•com