Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji literally means Bread and Vegetables. It doesn't sound all too exciting when you put it this way but the 15 million Bombayites who relish it off the hawkers on the pavement have their taste-buds in the right place. Pav Bhaji is the quintessential Bombay food. It is a fast-food, but it takes quite some time to prepare. It can be eaten on the run and yet is sometimes served in restaurants. It is a half-meal which grabs you by the gullet and fills the belly without emptying your pocket. Never make this dish for just you or one other person. A pav bhaji session is for a group of at least 5! The 5 people in question must have a good appetite and must eat pav bhaji the way it is to be eaten - lots of bhaji with every mouthful!