Translation Guide

A quick guide for translating Indian ingredient names into American names.

Indian to American
Aamchoor  Powder with a flavour of raw mangoes
Besan  Chick Pea Flour
Chana  Chick Peas
Chili  Cayenne, Paprika
Dahi  Sour Yoghurt, Curds
Dhania  Coriander
Garam Masala  Strong mixture of spices
Green Chillies  Jalapeños, Serranos
Haldi  Turmeric
Hing  Asafoetida
Jeera  Cumene (Cumin)
Kaali Mirchi  Peppercorns
Kothmir  Cilantro, Coriander leaves
Kurumilagu  Peppercorns (in Tamil)
Masala  Spices
Masoor Daal  Red Lentils
Mutter  Green peas
Nallamilagu  Peppercorns (in Malayalam)
Pav  Indian bread, slightly tougher than burger buns
Rajma  Kidney beans
Saunf  Fennel
Shimla Mirchi  Capsicum
Tadka  Cumin and Mustard seeds browned and popped in boiling oil
American to Indian
Asafoetida  Hing
Capsicum  Shimla Mirchi
Cayenne  Chili
Cilantro  Kothmir
Chick peas   Chana
Coriander  Dhania
Cumene (Cumin)  Jeera
Curds  Dahi
Fennel  Saunf
Green peas  Mutter
Jalapeños  Green Chillies (mild)
Kidney beans  Rajma
Mustard  Rai
Paprika  Chili
Peppercorns  Kaali Mirchi, Kurumilagu, Nallamilagu
Red Lentils  Masoor Daal
Serranos  Green Chillies
Turmeric  Haldi
Yoghurt  Dahi

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