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4: Monitoring
5: Wrapping up

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Project Management
by Ray Lightman

Project Management Tips: How to be a good Project Manager

5. Wrapping up the project

Wrap up and Celebrate are the 2 big items left.

It is time to install the product at your client's site and provide them with all the documentation and training that they need.

You must gain the client's acceptance of the deliverable. If the acceptance criteria were well defined in the first phase of the project, all should be well.

Take some time to write up an internal report on the project - something that is meant only for your company. This report should cover the overall success of the project, strengths and weaknesses, lessons learnt, recommendations for next time, and reusable components that can be used for other projects.

Finally, CELEBRATE! This is a very important and often overlooked step. Your team has worked hard, and their efforts need to be recognized. They also need a small breather before they jump into their next tasks. The celebration can be a party away from the company's premises, gift certificates to movies/restaurants etc. This sort of team-building is important, and will boost employee morale and productivity.

There are three important aspects of project management that we haven't covered in as much detail as they deserve: Giving Presentations; Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity; and Time Management. But those are topics for another day and page. :) Good luck!!

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