Generic Indian Sabzi

My friends and colleagues have often asked me to teach them how to make "Indian food". After remonstrating with them that that's too wide and generic a topic, I relented and wrote this "framework" of a recipe that can produce many different Indian-tasting dishes. The framework produces a sabzi which, in North India, stands for sauteed vegetables and spices with no gravy.



Well, not really mandatory, but if you want Indian flavours, you should use as many of these as you can lay your hands on.


Obviously, you need vegetables or meat substitutes in the dish. I like to pick 2-3 from the list below to get colour, texture and flavour contrasts. A lone vegetable by itself can be boring. A dish with nine vegetables is confusing. For the most part, you can cook vegetables as long or as little as you want. Some commonsense tips: Forthwith, here are some "classic" veggies you can use, roughly in the order you'd throw them into the pot. Use about 2 cups, all put.


Every one of these will add depth of flavour, but if they're too esoteric for your kitchen, don't bother.


All of the spices and proportions can be modified to suit your taste. Experiment as you go along and increase or decrease this or that spice depending on your liking and what's available. You're welcome!