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Indian Name
Garlic is a valuable spice in the kitchen. Many Indians do not consume garlic for religious reasons, but that's their loss. Many others avoid garlic because of the notion that it gives bad breath. However, others swear by it primarily for its odour. Garlic contributes to the hotness of the food. Garlic is used often in Indian pickles.
There is really no typical quantity to use when it comes to garlic. Raw garlic is much stronger in flavour than garlic heated in oil. If using in two-person salads, use 2 cloves or so. If using in main courses, 3 cloves may be more appropriate. With finicky guests, well... avoid them. The guests, not the garlic.
Fresh garlic is much more preferable to powdered garlic or garlic paste. Pound the cloves into a paste with a dash of salt. The paste may be added directly to oil or later to the vegetables or meat for more flavour. For slightly reduced flavour, chop garlic into tiny pieces.
If browning in oil, do not blacken.
Garlic paste, garlic powder, salt-and-garlic powder. Odourless garlic is also available.
Garlic is excellent for the stomach, not just in terms of taste but also in terms of health. One way to overcome the after-taste of a meal sumptuously spiced with garlic is to chew on fennel or cardamom.

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