Stock Portfolio Evaluator

The following page calculates the value of a stock portfolio you supply. It does so by visiting the NASDAQ site, retrieving the current rates of specified stock and computing the total value of your portfolio. See the notes at the end of this page before you use this tool.

Portfolio File: 
The portfolio file consists of stock listed one per line. A sample portfolio file would be:
# This is a sample portfolio file. Entries should be in the format below.
# Name<TAB>Ticker<TAB>#Shares<TAB>Rate<TAB><TAB>Date
Company AllButCon	ABC	10	13.48		2000/04/01
LossMaker Inc.	LMI	3.19	87.01		2001/02/29
# ... and so on. Note, TAB separates each field.
Summary:  Would you like summary information about your portfolio? The summary information aggregates multiple lines with the same ticker symbol and also prints the total worth of your portfolio.


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